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Why Teach Overseas?

English is the planet's lingua franca. There are thousands of ESL teaching jobs available right now and the demand is growing. You may or may not know that teaching overseas allows you to:

See the world

Why pay a travel agent to take a vacation when a language school will pay you to take a job! Would you rather dream of travel 50 weeks a year or live it every day - and make money while you do!

Experience life to the fullest

Bored with your life? In a rut and watching the clock at work? Don't wait until it’s too late and wonder, What if? Live the exciting, exotic life you've always dreamed of teaching English!

Watch history unfold firsthand

Teaching English overseas takes you away from your sofa and into the midst of the places and faces you see on the evening news. Be there as the world happens, not in front of your television.

Prepare for teacher's college

Teaching English overseas is a great option for anyone planning to become a public school teacher. Gain valuable classroom experience and improve your application prospects.

Get your foot in the door

Arrive overseas as an English teacher and then transition into the career of your dreams. Make contacts, learn the language and launch yourself into the professional experience of a lifetime.

Make a difference

The opportunity to teach and travel can be as much about giving as getting for teachers seeking to do something meaningful and empowering. Teaching English changes lives - for the better.

Do it for the money

Pay down your student loans, save for a down payment on a house or start building your retirement nest egg. English can be your ticket to financial freedom in Korea.

Rediscover yourself

Travel is the ultimate challenge, discovery the ultimate reward. Give yourself the opportunity to blossom abroad.

Escape the cold

English is your ticket to warm weather! Teach English at or near resorts in some of the most famous travel destinations in the world. Stop saving for vacations and start planning to make the most of this planet and your time on it.

Make teaching abroad your career

Teaching English abroad used to be an interlude, a chance to sow wild oats and see wondrous places. For some it still is but for more and more it is a career choice with perks like no other.

What is your motivation? What brought you to this place in your life and this page of our web site?

You're obviously curious about teaching and traveling, wondering if ESL can do something for you.

Before you spend the rest of your life wondering if you should have seized the opportunity to teach English overseas, before you spend thousands of dollars on a teacher training program, before you spend an entire year in a bad teaching job, APPLY with IPR Now and explore some exciting options!

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