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Why Korea?

Korea is a popular destination for English teachers - currently there are close to 20,000 teachers working there and with good reason.

Money and Wages
Have you ever wanted to just pick up and go, but were held back because of financial obligations? Whether you're a former student that has a close relationship with a government loan collector, or a homeowner that is battling a mortgage, Korea may be the solution! The advantage of Korea over other Asian countries is that the wages are high and the cost of living is reasonable. Some teachers save 75% of their salaries every month while paying no rent. It's not unreasonable to walk out of Korea with a great experience and have thousands of dollars in the bank!

Cultural Differences
If you're looking to experience a culture that has not been totally westernized but is aggressively making attempts to globalize, Korea is your choice. Since opening its doors to the world in 1988, Korea has become a leading technology hub while having its culture become immensely popular all over Asia. At the same time, Koreans are maintaining a unique cultural integrity that has evolved over the last 5000 years. Every teacher that works in Korea leaves with experiences of a lifetime. Many are surprised by how unique and distinctive Korea is compared to their Chinese and Japanese neighbors.

Traveling In and Out of Korea
Climb the Great Wall of China, relax on a beach in Thailand, explore the ruins of Angkor Wat, surf the waves of Bali, or dive sunken wrecks off the coast of Vietnam; it's all a very quick flight away. Many people come to Korea looking to travel in and around Asia, as they are allotted enough money and vacation time to explore Asia. Transportation both domestically and internationally is very affordable. Korea has a vast bus/train system that is fast and cheap. It's also a good jumping-off point for visiting other Asian countries.

Learn a New language and culture
It's no secret that companies around the world are favoring people with international experience and open minds that can adapt to our changing world. University provides us with theories, but practical experience is gained through action. The fact is that you will gain more through first hand experience in a foreign culture than you will from a university textbook. Why not learn from the inside while you are being paid to do it.

Easy Lifestyle
Some teachers have said that teaching abroad is for people who didn't want their university life to end. While teaching students is serious business and IPR only considers serious candidates, it's very true, that your life style can be much easier than you can ever imagine. With shortened work weeks, lots of vacation time, and a very respectable salary, how can you go wrong? There are many certified teachers that will never teach in their home countries again, and have found a home in Korea, with very comfortable jobs. Teaching in Korea really is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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