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Korean Visa Processing

Below is the process that you'll be required to undergo to get your E2 Work Visa.

Stage 1- Stage shared by Applicant and IPR

  1. Your documents will need to be mailed into IPR - please refer to the Required Docs Page
    1. Please Note: If you've not submitted your docs under the "by email" section or the "by fax" section please make sure that those are submitted ASAP
  2. IPR's Document Processing Coordinator (DPC) will deal with all the notarizing and preparation of the documents in order to have them sent over to the designated South Korean Immigration Office

Stage 2 - Stage handled by IPR

  1. IPR will ensure that your documents are prepared and sent over for Visa processing to the designated Korean Immigration office.
    1. Please note: IPR will not send over any of your original documentation. Your degree will remain in the care of our Canadian office & will NOT be sent outside the country.
  2. Once your documents have been processed by the Korean Immigration Authorities a Visa Issuance Number (VIN) will be issued.
    1. Please note: This process can take between 10-21 days depending on the particular immigration offices workload. During certain times of the year some offices can be busier than others.

Stage 3 - Stage handled by the Appliant

There are 2 options for processing your visa:

  • Option 1: In Person
  • Option 2: By Mail

Option 1 - In Person:

Generally the easiest method for applying for your E2 work visa is in person with your assigned embassy/consulate

You will need to have the following documents when applying for your E2 Work Visa:

  • A completed Korean Visa Application Form (download from the Required Documents page);
  • The Visa Issuance Number - which will be written on the Korean Visa Application Form;
  • A completed Korean Immi Interview Form (download from the Required Documents page);
  • Your original Passport;
  • 1 original & sealed copy of your official transcripts;
  • Photocopy of the Picture page of your passport;
  • Two recent passport photos;
  • Visa processing fee (Please check with the embassy/consulate for the current fee)

Very Important

Before you go to the embassy/consulate you are advised to confirm their hours of operation & the documents that you need for an E2 Visa as they can change the process or procedure at anytime.

Right now the personal interview policy is being implemented differently depending on the embassy/consulate that you are assigned to as they have the discretion of weather they will require an interview. It is advised that you follow-up with your assigned embassy/consulate to determine the policy and if the interview will be required.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your assigned IPR employment consultant for assistance.


Option 2 - By Mail:

Currently the mailing option is only being supported by a few embassies/consulates. Before you send your documents into the embassy/consulate you are advised to confirm:

  • if they will accept your documents through this method;
  • how long the visa processing will take;
  • confirm their policy for interview;
  • & the documents/procedure that you need for an E2 Visa as they can change the process or procedure at anytime.

Should your designated embassy/consulate accept this method be sure to send your documents (the same as Option 1) by registered mail.

You will also have to include a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate amount of postage affixed. Only send these documents with Fed-ex or DHL both ways and be sure to keep a copy of both package tracking number so you will have the ability to follow-up on your package

When you are sending in the money for the visa processing fee, the embassy/consulate will request that you pay by cash, a bank certified check, or a money order. They will not accept personal checks or traveler's checks.

Should you have any questions or concerns or are having problems with the above noted process please Contact IPR and we'll be sure to assist.

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