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These are by and large regarded as the top of the ESL ladder in Korea. These jobs are the most sought after jobs in Korea, and the competition is fierce. In the larger cities the minimum requirements are strict.

  1. A shorter work schedule;
  2. More paid vacation time;
  3. A structured environment and curriculum.
  1. Likely to encounter in-school politics;
  2. Large Credit Courses - which will involve exam preparation and grading;
  3. Various language levels in one class - Some students will be near fluent while others will be at a basic level.

Preferred qualifications: A Master's Degree from an accredited university and previous English teaching experience is required (more often than not Korean experience). It's possible to get a university or college job with an undergraduate degree and a minimum of 2 years experience.

Note: One distinction needs to be drawn with university jobs - there has been a move recently by universities to attach their names to their own Hagwons. This distinction is important, as the job descriptions are very different. However it's not unusual to be expected to teach some Hagwon style classes for the university, with added pay bonuses being the incentive there.

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