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Ryan Blackwell - Toronto, Canada

In January 2000 I started making plans to teach English overseas. It was so difficult to know where to start and who I could trust to help me.

Right from the beginning Brandon was very friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and gave me so much information that I would have had a tough time finding elsewhere. He walked me through the whole process from preparing my documents to meeting my director.

"My year in Korea was fantastic..."

My year in Korea was fantastic, by far the best experience of my life. I know that IPR was responsible for setting that positive experience in motion. When I returned to Toronto, I wasn't sure what I would do next. Luckily, I had stayed in touch with Brandon. Two days after my return he called me, inquiring if I might be interested in helping to start a new school in downtown Toronto. It has been almost a year and a half since I've been working with McKinsey International College. Working in the ESL industry is very rewarding as I continue to face new and exciting challenges.

"With the help of Brandon Miller I have secured two incredible positions in this diverse field"

With the help of Brandon Miller I have secured two incredible positions in this diverse field. If you are thinking about teaching overseas, I highly recommend contacting Brandon at Inter Pacific Recruiting.

Jamie Forrest - Saskatoon, Canada

Thanks to you I am enjoying a wonderful experience in Korea. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism. IPR was eager to answer any questions I had, and due to their experience they were able to provide me with an accurate account of life in Korea.

"Thank you for your honesty & professionalism..."

Upon arrival in Korea I was grateful to know that the contract that IPR had negotiated on my behalf remained the same when I got here. In other words there were no surprises or strings attached. Teaching has been a wonderfully experience for me as I am sure it will be for others who follow. I have nothing but good things to say about IPR and I strongly recommend their services to anyone who is thinking about teaching in Korea.

Anna Wagner - Calgary, Canada

I heard of IPR from a friend of a friend and have since spread the word about it to other teaching hopefuls. Having a recruiter working to help you find the right job is in my opinion, the best way to be an English teacher overseas.

"I like my job because everyday is different"

After being here one month I finally feel at home here and have a small group of friends and neighbours I say hi to every morning. I mostly teach kids ages 4-7 and they're really adorable. Sometimes it can get frustrating because of the language barrier, but there are other teachers nearby I can ask for translation purposes. I like my job because every day is different.

"I would definitely use IPR again..."

Compared to the other native teacher who didn't use a recruiter, I can see just how much I have benefited. Plus, I think that this job is a good fit with my own background and interests. I would definitely use IPR again if I choose to do this again next year. It takes a lot of the extra stress out of teaching overseas.

Carey Northrop - Michigan, USA

I have found IPR to be extremely efficient and professional with aiding in employment opportunities for young adults in South Korea. The relatively small concerns of my individual needs have been dealt with which in turn has developed a firm trust in IPR.

"I strongly recommend IPR to anyone..."

The job that was described to me by IPR prior to employment was represented accurately. All details pertaining to accommodation, airfare, contract length, holidays, overtime pay, working hours have been accurate and by no means misleading in any way. I strongly recommend IPR to anyone interested in working in South Korea.

"...Brandon Miller & IPR are very professional..."

I feel that Brandon Miller and IPR are very professional and will provide information and services needed to feel comfortable living abroad. I strongly suggest to anyone coming to Korea for any length of time to do some research as to where they would like to live and what sort of lifestyle they see fit for themselves. Traveling throughout the country is relatively easy, but too can be hectic sometimes.

Amanda Pieper - Pennsylvania, USA

I contacted IPR when I was actually overseas. I was frantically trying to plan something to do upon my return to the states, and the staff at IPR was really helpful in that aspect. They got things rolling very quickly and I was out before my money ran out (thank goodness!). The staff was supportive and informative, even when I was asking the stupidest of stupid questions.

"They did a fabulous job..."

More importantly, however, I feel that I was appropriately prepared for my arrival and first few months here. They did a fabulous job of letting me know what to expect and to bring and to make sure that I did upon my arrival in country (be sure to fill out that 'Important Information" card as soon as you arrive. It really can get you out of some sticky situations). I feel very secure knowing that I have their support and that I can contact them if ever I should need something.

"It's a daily challenge , but a really great experience"

I have a blast at school. With the kindergarten, I've taught swim lessons, gone hiking and gone to the cinema. There are 3 Korean kindergarten teachers who take care of the bulk of the planning for them; I'm mostly there for language exposure. With the elementary school, on the other hand, I do real teaching. It's frustrating sometimes, when you can't get the kids to understand what you want them to do, but then I just have to remember how frustrating it must be for them to not even be able to understand their teacher.It's a daily challenge, but a really great experience.

Overall, I'm very happy with my experience and the way I've been treated by IPR. I feel that they were very honest about all of the positives and negatives of life and work here; I don't feel like anything was hidden from me. They did a great job of placing me in a job and in a community that I'd be happy with.

Mark Bochonko - Montreal, Canada

My experience with IPR has been nothing but excellent. I graduated from Computer Engineering last December, and with no available jobs in the IT sector, I decided to have a little adventure in my life, & IPR offered that to me. I found IPR's employment ad on my school career website. After contacting them, I found their service to be professional, honest and always timely. From day one to the first week I taught in Korea, they had always been there to answer my questions and provide whatever help I needed.

"My experience with IPR has been nothing but excellent."

I landed a job teaching English to kids from kindergarten to middle school in a town outside Seoul, in a privately owned Hagwon. This school is owned by two very nice bosses who have helped make my transition to Korea smooth, and have provided me with everything I needed, including my own apartment and cell phone. They have always been there for me, and have helped me with whatever teaching needs I required.

"I would recommend IPR and it's services to anyone..."

My teaching experiences with the kids have been really amazing. The kids are nice, and always enthusiastic whenever I teach. This has made my time teaching here worthwhile. I would recommend IPR and it's services to anyone who is willing to open their eyes to a new culture and new experiences. They have represented all the information I needed honestly and accurately, and it is my pleasure to have used their services.

Chris Seto - Ontario, Canada

Searching for the right job in Korea can be stressful and frustrating, but it depends on how you go about it. Going through a recruiter seems to be the easiest and also the safest route. I first heard about IPR after I had already spent a good amount of time with other recruiters. Brandon Miller was not so much a recruiter, but more of a friend helping me to find the right school. He was always there to answer the questions and concerns that I had.

".Brandon Miller was not so much a recruiter but more of a friend..."

The choice as to which recruiter you work with is an important one. They need to be able to understand your situation and find the best possible job suited for you. Having already taught for several years in Korea, Brandon Miller is able to identify with concerns and offer good advice. I would recommend Brandon to anyone looking for a good, reliable and understanding recruiter. He was a huge help when I was first looking for a job.

".I know I have a friend at IPR to help me out."

Even now after being in Korea, he still connects with me to see how everything is going. Teaching overseas can be hectic and confusing sometimes, but I know that I have a friend at IPR to help me out whenever I need it.

Colin Braney - Ontario, Canada

Inter Pacific Recruiting was instrumental in getting me a job teaching in Korea. All the great staff there made the process easy and comfortable.

".Inter Pacific Recruiting was Instrumental.."

My recruiter Brandon was always available for any questions I had and answered them honestly and promptly. Once I was in Korea, Inter Pacific continued to be a support resource for me at any time I needed help.

".Inter Pacific continued to be a support resource."

I can certainly say I would recommend IPR to my friends, family, and anyone who is considering teaching abroad.

Jacob Hasselbach - Ohio, USA

I'm so happy with my decision to use IPR as my recruiter. I did a lot of research as far as what each agency had to offer before I chose who to go with. I knew immediately that I had made the right decision when Brandon called me less than 24 hours after I had applied on-line.

".I knew immediately that I had made the right decision..."

Brandon's tireless commitment to his job shows in his work. Before coming to Korea my schedule was always so busy. I couldn't always call him during regular work hours. There were times that I called him and it was 5am his time, and other times it was 5 pm. He always answered his phone and always was prepared to answer my questions. On top of that he never expected anything in return. He worked efficiently, showed more concern for me, than I ever expected!

".Brandon's tireless commitment..."

He made me feel like I was the only person he was dealing with, even though I know he was working with many other people. He was able to break down the entire process from application to flight plans, and made a very difficult thing seem very, very easy. Through the entire process there was never a time where I felt confused or uninformed as far was where I stood.

".made a very difficult thing seem very, very easy."

Brandon was able to get me in a great school. Teaching in Korea is all that I had expected it to be and more. I'm 100% certain that I will stay longer than my original plan of 1 year.

Jenn Paul - Vancouver, Canada

After graduating with a Criminal Justice Degree in 2004 I decided I wasn't ready to work in my field just yet and got wind of Inter Pacific Recruiting through a friend who was already in Korea. The process was foreign to me, but Brandon was so organized and made things easy. A month later I had secured a job.

".Brandon was so organized and made things easy."

This being my first experience in a foreign country, I was nervous but Brandon was there to answer any questions I had and even put me in contact with a teacher at the school that I would be working in. I was placed in a school on the southern tip of South Korea called Masan. My apartment was big by Korean standards and I even had a view of the ocean from my window. I met some of the most amazing people, both Koreans and teachers from all over the world. Teaching kindergarten to middle school was a bit of a challenge at first but it was so neat to see the kids pick up on new concepts and see their English improve over time.

"I loved every minute of it, so much in fact."

Korean culture is so different from our own, everything from food and education to social activities. I loved every minute of it, so much in fact that after taking a year off I contacted Brandon again looking to go back, this time to a city just outside of Seoul. This second year was a lot easier, my Korean vocabulary continued to grow and I was able to enjoy all of my favorite things about Korea. I had the opportunity to study Hapkido, a Korean martial art and get my black belt before coming back to Canada. Living in Korea was also a great opportunity to travel to other Countries within Asia.

"My experience with Inter Pacific Recruiting and Korea was awesome."

My experience with Inter Pacific Recruiting and Korea was awesome, I had so many opportunities and it has now opened up doors for me in my field of study. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Brandon again should I decide to go back and teach again.

Shawna Kay Cassell - Toronto, Canada

Choosing to teach English in Korea has been the most rewarding decision I could have made. As a recent graduate with no real job experience, this gave me the opportunity to gain valuable skills for my future. As a young adult, it heightened my realization that taking risks in life is gratifying and advantageous.

".gave me the opportunity to gain valuable skills for my future."

Thus far, I have been in Korea for ten months. I teach children between the ages of 7 to 14. It has been a pleasurable experience working with the children. I never knew I would enjoy teaching as much as I do. Living in Jeonju is enjoyable. It's a middle-sized city small enough to get around easily but big enough to provide sources of 'city entertainment'. Taking part in the nightlife is a way to get to know other foreigners. Thanks to Brandon, I have not been disappointed with my decision to teach in Jeonju, South Korea.

"Thanks to Brandon, I have not been disappointed."

He chose a desirable school and location for me. I know that when I leave here, I will not forget this experience. I have learnt so much about the Korean culture, the language, and all the various dishes. Seeing the mountains everyday and watching the landscape transform as the season's change has been so astonishing. IPR is responsible for this tremendous experience and I have not regretted working with Brandon.

Woody Brown - Arkansas, USA

When I first started researching opportunities of working in Korea, I hit the internet to quickly have my inbox overloaded with information, offers, and opportunities. Almost to the point of deleting Korea emails as spam that we all get overloaded with. I was highly skeptical as at the time I was 6 years in a secure corporate career.

"I loved every minute of it, so much in fact."

Then a college mate of mine, someone I really trusted recommended IPR. I started talking with Brandon and the first thing that gained my trust in him was his question of "why?" when I insisted to live in Seoul. Any other recruiter I could have said I wanted to teach somewhere not suited to me and they would have put me there. I deeply appreciated and respected Brandon's question asking me WHY I wanted Seoul instead of blindly herding me like cattle.

"I deeply appreciated and respected Brandon's question asking me WHY."

Not only will he tell you the good, he will honestly tell you the pitfalls and how he can and will assist throughout your contract.

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