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Private/Public Schools

Teaching in a private school can be compared closely with the teaching environment found in public schools throughout North America. In this type of employment you will usually be working alongside the Korean staff and will be considered a member of the faculty for the most part.

  1. You will be granted a higher level of professional respect;
  2. There is potentially more vacation time;
  3. The facilities tend to be better than that of a hagwon.
  1. The class size tends to be larger (30-50 students);
  2. The students are generally unmotivated;
  3. You are expected to be at the school during normal school hours (can entail lots of downtime);
  4. You may encounter a limitation of language skills.

Preferred qualifications: As a rule, these positions require that you have previous teaching experience and/or a teaching certificate with a degree from an accredited university

Note: Most schools would like to have a foreign teacher on their staff but realistically its not possible due to budget considerations. You should be weary of government programs and mass hiring, as these programs can be very mismanaged and have a track record attesting to this fact. IPR only works with schools that it has screened well for their ability to handle a foreign teacher.

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