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Below is a collection of photo's that have been submitted from various people. They should give you some insight into some of the scenery you will encounter when you are teaching in Korea. Click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.

A table of side dishes
The typical Korean heater
The standard Korean Taxi
The sign at the Gwangju Train Station
The typical road sign
Harvested Rice Field in the mountains
Korean Family walking
A Large Korean City
The typical apartment block next to a school
A Korean burial site in the mountains
Some Kimchi Pots fermenting on a roof
A Highway tollbooth in Busan
The Busan Train Station
Mother trying to win a prize for her Children
Changing of the guard in Seoul
A Typical Korean Classroom
Lunch on a floor with some teachers
Fun in the “Singing room”
A typical large city street by day
A typical large city street by night
Some fish being sold from a truck
A Haribang Statue famously found in Jeju Island
Hiker having a drink atop a mountain in Korea
Burger King anyone?
Funny English Translations around
A room in a studio Apartment
A Kitchen in a Korean Studio Apt
An in-class Birthday Party
The Standard Korean Post Office
A popular Korea fast food restaurant
A popular beach in the southern part of Korea
An old man enjoying an afternoon in a park
A Korean Student with the Standard Victory Pose
A Korean street by day
A popular Korean street called Texas Street
The coastline of Korea
Daily life on a street in Korea
The War memorial in Seoul
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