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Meet IPR

Brandon Miller

I'd been out of university for less than two weeks when I first came to Korea. I had had a sobering realization in my final year of university that the degree I had worked so hard to get was nearly useless in the real world.

My options were limited, as I didn't want to work for minimum wage and tips in a bar/restaurant, or join the corporate world and get locked into mortgage payments and the whole 9-5 deal that was certain. But the prospect of being shot at my previous job as an armored car guard wasn't too appealing either.

My career counselor, admittedly an ex-clown, told me not to worry so much about the future, and just let go and see what happened. He told me that real world experience would be more valuable, and give me a lot more perspective on things and guess what looking back on it - he was 100% correct.

I put my academic career on hold and dove into an ESL job in Korea. At that time, I was only planning on staying a year, but guess what that changed too as I loved every minute of my experience.

So here I am, over a decade later after working as a teacher for close to 5 years in Korea and now to my credit I've been responsible for helping countless people like you find excellent jobs in Korea for the better part of a decade.

Ryan Miller

I was coming to the end of my university career and I had spent the previous summers working for a major corporation. In the beginning I thought it was a great job but as I grew closer to graduating and realized this would be my future, the walls of my cubical started to become smaller and smaller.

As I contemplated the debt that I had amassed getting my degree and the realization that I was not really as excited for the career that I had studied for, I started looking for other options.

My brother Brandon had just started to establish himself and his company and after a good long talk; I started to realize that going overseas was the best option for me. I could pay some of my debt and still live a comfortable life, see another part of the world and give me some time to figure out what my next step was.

After years of hearing my brother's stories and experiences, I was intrigued but never thought Korea would be the place for me, but after 5 years I can't believe how wrong I was. I'm still earning great money, seeing the world and living a comfortable life that is the envy of my friends back home.

After a while I've started to give others advice about living here and had a bunch of friends come out here to stay, I realized that helping people get over here was the next step for me. I was unsure with my decision to come over here at first, but have had a great time since I stepped off the plane and have never looked back.

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