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Hagwon is the Korean word for "Private Institute". These institutes usually specialize in specific subjects, i.e. Math, Music, or English.

First and foremost, they're a business and should be regarded as such. Most hagwons are part of a larger franchise but there are a few "Mom and Pop" organizations still out there. For the most part, the curriculum they use is left unregulated by the government, and are free to teach in any style they deem appropriate.

  1. The class size is generally small (8-12) and students are motivated;
  2. A flexible schedule is to be expected;
  3. You'll most likely be working with other foreign teachers;
  4. You'll get experience teaching different levels of students.
  1. The facilities vary from Institution to Institution;
  2. You'll have the responsibility to maintain student class size;
  3. You may be required to attend the occasional Saturday activity (rare but possible).

Preferred qualifications: A 3-4 year Bachelor's Degree in any field from an accredited university. On the rare occasion a 100hour plus RSA/TESL certificate.

Note: Almost always this is where most people begin when they come to Korea with little or no teaching experience. These jobs are numerous and IPR only selects reputable hagwons that will fulfill their contractual obligations.

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