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Corporate Accounts

This type of employment is rare and varies in employment terms but they're available to certain niche individuals. Corporate Accounts are seeking teachers with a specialization in a particular field or for individuals who are looking for some experience outside of the traditional teaching setting.

  1. Students are more often than not motivated to learn;
  2. Students generally have had prior English exposure;
  3. The pay can be quite a bit more than other jobs in Korea;
  4. You'll teach various age groups and curriculums.
  1. The level of the students tends to vary within a class;
  2. Traveling within a given area might be expected;
  3. Many regular contract provisions may not be given;
  4. The client corporation tends to scrutinize courses closely.

Preferred qualifications: These jobs demand various skills and are open to candidates with Korean experience who also have specialized education in a particular field.

Note: These courses are generally tailored to the specific client corporation, thus the English levels, class sizes, and duration of courses vary accordingly. Instructors will have the opportunity to teach at various locations. You may be supplied with travel allowances, room and board.

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